Royal De Heus celebrates 300-year connection to windmills

Saturday 01 July 2017 15:53

Royal De Heus supports windmill Rijn en Lek in Wijk bij Duurstede for the next 3 years with an annual gift.

During a festive gathering on 21 June, at the windmill, director Co de Heus – under the watchful eye of the windmill’s protector, mayor Tjapko Poppens – handed over the symbolic check to Nicole Bakker, the vice president of the windmill’s owner: the Dutch Mill Society. The society is very happy with this contribution, which will pay for the mill’s upkeep in the coming years. 
The globally active business in high quality animal feed, with its main branch in Ede, made this gesture to celebrate its 300 year connection between the De Heus family and windmills. The first mention of (Hendrik) Anthonie de Heus as a wheat miller in Zoelmond is made in 1717. Ten generations later, the De Heus family business still grinds grain to incorporate in their animal feed, which is used by farmers all over the world. The ‘Rijn en Lek’ has a special place in their history. The family was the windmill’s owner from 1824 until 1929, the year in which the Dutch Mill Society took over. The current management board, which consists of the brothers Co and Koen de Heus, is the tenth generation. 
To pay for the mill’s upkeep, the Dutch Mill Society receives 60% from the government. It is the society’s responsibility to raise the other 40%, which proves to be difficult each year. The millers and the friends of ‘Rijn en Lek’ take care of small, regular maintenance through open days and tours of the mill. The gift by De Heus is an important contribution to be able to do larger maintenance works as well, necessary to keep ‘Rijn en Lek’ in good shape for the next three years. 

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