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Windmill Rijn en Lek Wijk bij Duurstede

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The foundation ‘Vrienden van de Molen Rijn en Lek’, or friends of ‘Rijn en Lek’ is an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling), a public benefit institution. We don’t pay taxes over donations, so your entire gift is useful to us. Often, it is also possible for the contributor to make the donation a deductible expense. 

The ‘Stichting vrienden van de Wijkse molen Rijn en Lek’ has been an ANBI institution since 01.01.2009, and a cultural ANBI institution since 01.01.2012. 

Since 01 January 2012, there is a new deductible regulation for donations to cultural ANBIs. For more information, click here for more information. In their income tax form, individuals are allowed to deduct 1.25 times the amount of their donation.

The organisation

The Dutch Mill Society has been the owner of windmill Rijn en Lek and has worked to keep wind- and watermills in the Netherlands in maintenance, grinding and working since 1923. The society wants to achieve this goal by:

  • Helping mill owners with technical advice, to do effective maintenance and restore the buildings in a historically responsible manner.
  • Watching over a good design of the mill’s environment – the mill biotope. This needs to be protected from overzealous building and planting. 
  • Bringing mills and mill maintenance to the attention of the public, for example by organising national mill day.
  • Fundraising for subsidies and contributions to maintain and renovate mills. 
  • Stimulating millership.
  • Stimulating publications and keep mill documentation safe.
  • Providing the exam and handing out the diplomas for new millers, after the Guild of Voluntary Millers has provided the course of study. 

Voluntary Millers

Work at the mill is being kept up by four voluntary millers, who have received their education through the Guild of Voluntary Millers. These four are Henk Geerts, Vincent Bart, Camiel Damen, Gerben and Terpstra.