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Technical specifications

Type: round stone tower stage mill
Function: flourmill
Setup: 2 linked millstones
Span: 24,04 m.
Sweep system: Old-Dutch
Inner stock: 24,04 m. steel, welded, factory Naaijer, nr. 337, manufacturing year 1997
Outer stock: 24,04 m. steel, welded, factory Naaijer, nr. 336, manufacturing year 1997
Shaft: factory De Prins van Oranje, number to be found under filler blocks, from 1874, length of 5,93 m. 
Brake: Flemish block brake with loaded lever, with ‘kneppel’, to secure and reinforce the brake, and ‘pal’ to prevent counter rotation
Brake wheel: 74 teeth, pitch 12,95 cm., ø 3,28 m.
Other transmission wheels: 
Wallower: 35 staves
Great spur wheel: 94 teeth, diameter 2,34 m. 
Stone nut: 28 staves
Gear proportions: 1:7,1
Gallery height: 9,00 m. 
Winding: English winding, winding track with rollers
Biotope: good
National heritage site number: 39683
RD coordinates: X = 152,412 Y = 442,570
GPS coordinates: 51°58,29'N  5°20,97'E
Specifications: mill stones: one pair of artificial17-stones, one pair of artificial 16-stones
Sack hoist: double drag hoist