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Windmill Rijn en Lek

The windmill Rijn en Lek, located on the Dijkstraat in Wijk bij Duurstede, is the only windmill to have ever been built on a town gate. Located on the wharf gate, the wheat mill is iconic for the town. In addition to the castle and the main church (Grote Kerk), the windmill Rijn en Lek is one of the most important monuments of Wijk bij Duurstede.


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World famous because of a misconception

Wereldberoemd dankzij een misvatting

The windmill was under threat of destruction during the 1920s and a committee was founded to save the windmill from its demise. In part because of the big misconception that this was Ruisdael’s famous windmill, a lot of money was raised. But it did the trick! On 28 November 1929, the ownership of windmill Rijn en Lek was transferred to The Dutch Mill Society (Vereniging de Hollandsche Molen) in Amsterdam. 

For that reason, we can now enjoy its history, its beautiful wooden sweeps, and the stunning view of the rivers Rhine and Lek when standing on the gallery. 

The windmill is in regular use, when flour is ground by four voluntary millers: Camiel Damen, Henk Geerts, Gerben Terpstra and Louis Maas. 

Windmill Rijn en Lek Wijk bij Duurstede

Windmill Rijn en Lek Wijk bij Duurstede