Young Talent

Nieuws_jong_talent.jpgWednesday 02 November 2016 16:14

Also miller land does not escape ageing. Millers and the friends of ‘Rijn en Lek’ are thus very happy with Timo Westland, a young man from Wijk bij Duurstede, determined to successfully finish his miller degree.

Love at first sight. He was only ten years old and didn’t want to listen to one of his father’s concerts in the castle park for the umpteenth time. Timo went to have a look at the windmill and was immediately sold. “Beautiful, the way a mill like that is constructed.” He was a regular visitor at ‘Rijn en Lek’. The millers enjoyed the boy’s enthusiasm and let him lend a hand. “Especially Han, but also Vincent and later Camiel, have already taught me a lot. Now I’m enjoying my course of study to become a miller.” Timo is currently in the last phase of his education. It’s quite a lot, you don’t become a miller just like that. The theoretical part is tough, and besides knowing the technical details of the mill, a good knowledge of the weather is important. Timo, but also the millers and friends of ‘Rijn en Lek’, will raise the flag when he graduates.

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